We will depart from Cartagena in Colombia in the middle of February and make some stops in the Caribbean before heading to the Netherlands where we will arrive in the middle of April. The three-mast schooner Regina Maris has offered to conduct the journey to the Netherlands. The participants will fulfil daily duties on the ship including sailing watches, kitchen shifts as well as cleaning duties on board for which no prior experience is required. Everyone will contribute to an on-board capacity building and knowledge sharing programme including grass root experiences and solutions and expertise in national and international climate change policy.


In May the participants will tour through Europe. During this programme the participants will visit different locations, organisations and institutions to widen their network, share their stories and exchange on a personal level with youth and other actors in Europe.


The group of participants will then participate in the Intersessional conference in June in Bonn, Germany, as observers to the negotiation process. The conference will be another platform for the youth to share their stories and lobby for true commitments of decision makers to combat the climate crisis internationally.